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Beige fnt2-41456
Brown fnt2-41454
Light Beige fnt2-41455
Light Pink fnt2-41464
Orchid fnt2-41463
Turquoise fnt2-41461
White fnt2-41453

Pure Bamboo Pure Bamboo

Dark Cream fnt2-50539
Dark Orange fnt2-50547
Light Blue fnt2-50552
Light Grey fnt2-50534
Light Khaki fnt2-57389
Navy fnt2-50549
Teal fnt2-50545
Terra Cotta fnt2-50537
White fnt2-50535
Yellow fnt2-50668

Cotton Bamboo Light Cotton Bamboo Light

Black fnt2-41437
Blue fnt2-41447
Burgundy fnt2-41442
Grey fnt2-41438
Light Blue fnt2-41448
Lilac fnt2-41449
Rose Pink fnt2-41450
White fnt2-41439
Yellow fnt2-41444

Cotton Bamboo Cotton Bamboo

Beige fnt2-43032
Light Indigo Blue fnt2-43038
Light Yellow fnt2-43036
Yellow fnt2-43035

Bamboo Viscose Bamboo Viscose

Baby Blue fnt2-54232
Cafe Latte fnt2-53090
Cream fnt2-53091
Light Pink fnt2-54129
Light Salmon fnt2-54234
Light Yellow fnt2-54130
Orange fnt2-53095
Red fnt2-53092
Turquoise fnt2-53098
Yellow fnt2-57393

Bamboo Soft Fine Bamboo Soft Fine

Black fnt2-51647
Cream fnt2-51651
Light Green fnt2-56577
Light Orange fnt2-51664
Light Rose Pink fnt2-51669
Light Salmon fnt2-51663
Light Salmon fnt2-56579
Mint Green fnt2-56575
Navy fnt2-51656
Olive Green fnt2-56578
Purple fnt2-56581
Red fnt2-56580

Bamboo Soft Bamboo Soft

Brown, Grey, Camel fnt2-53334
Brown, Lilac, Pink Shades fnt2-52244

Bamboo Sock Bamboo Sock




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