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Black fnt2-53758
Grey fnt2-57167
Light Blue fnt2-52047
Light Orange fnt2-35604
Light Pink fnt2-52050
Purple fnt2-35609
Red fnt2-35606
Red fnt2-52049
Tomato Red fnt2-35605
Turquoise fnt2-52046

Tube Viscose Tube Viscose

Blue fnt2-32509
Bright Blue fnt2-32508
Copper fnt2-32491
Copper fnt2-32492
Lavender fnt2-32501
Light Lilac fnt2-32500

Tube Cotton Tube Cotton

Brown Shades, Anthracite fnt2-55938
Brown, Green fnt2-55941
Brown, Green, Purple fnt2-55948
Brown, Navy fnt2-55939
Green, Purple fnt2-55940
Purple, Red fnt2-55944
Purple, Turquoise, Beige fnt2-55945

Zeus Boucle Zeus Boucle

$14.99 $8.99
Green, Blue, Khaki, Dark Cream fnt2-54072
Grey, Blue Shades, Teal fnt2-54119
Pink, Rose Pink, Salmon, Rose Brown fnt2-54070
Red, Brown Shades, Copper fnt2-54074
Red, Maroon, Orchid, Salmon fnt2-54071

Wool Print Chunky Wool Print Chunky

Blue, White, Purple, Salmon fnt2-57247
Blue, White, Yellow, Salmon fnt2-57249
White, Maroon, Blue Shades fnt2-57245
White, Salmon, Mint Green fnt2-57244

Wool Bulky Color Wool Bulky Color

$14.99 $9.99
Beige, Emerald Green fnt2-55034
Black, Beige fnt2-55032
Black, Blue fnt2-55008
Black, Camel fnt2-55028
Black, Copper fnt2-55004
Black, Dark Green fnt2-55005
Black, Emerald Green fnt2-55007
Black, Maroon fnt2-55010
Blue, Anthracite Black fnt2-55009
Blue, Beige fnt2-55035
Blue, Red fnt2-55024
Blue, White fnt2-55014
Camel, Beige fnt2-55018
Copper, Dark Navy fnt2-55025
Green, Beige fnt2-55033
Green, Black fnt2-55006
Orange, Camel fnt2-55030
Purple Shades fnt2-55021
White, Emerald Green fnt2-55013
White, Orange fnt2-55016
White, Red, Burgundy fnt2-55019
White, Yellow fnt2-55017

Viscose Shine Bulky Viscose Shine Bulky

$14.99 $6.99
Cream, Camel fnt2-54564
Pink, Cream, Light Brown fnt2-54565
Red, Pink Shades fnt2-54569

Twister Superwash Twister Superwash

$17.99 $8.99
Brown, Black, Rose Pink fnt2-42438
Brown, Cream, Camel fnt2-42436
Pink, Lilac, Cream fnt2-42435

TubeWool Bulky Spots TubeWool Bulky Spots

Black, Grey fnt2-42684
Black, Grey fnt2-42685
Blue, Grey fnt2-42686
Blue, Khaki fnt2-42691
Brown, Camel fnt2-42688
Pink, Red fnt2-42693
White, Light Brown fnt2-42689
White, Light Brown fnt2-42690

Tube Acryl Spots Tube Acryl Spots

Blue, White, Mint Green fnt2-54201
Brown, Turquoise fnt2-54446
Navy, Khaki fnt2-50530
Purple, Turquoise, Yellow fnt2-54448
Purple, Yellow fnt2-50652
Turquoise, Khaki fnt2-54444
White, Brown Shades fnt2-54197

Techno Chenille Techno Chenille

$14.99 $6.99
Bluish White fnt2-55731
White, Lemon Yellow fnt2-55736
White, Light Blue, Light Yellow fnt2-55737
White, Light Yellow, Light Lilac fnt2-55735

Techno Bulky Techno Bulky

$14.99 $7.99



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