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    Brown, Pink, Yellow, Maroon, Light Pink fnt2-55444
    Brown, Purple, Red, Grey, Maroon fnt2-55446
    Cream, Grey, Gold, Irridescent fnt2-55439
    Green Shades, Beige, Teal fnt2-55442
    Green, Pink, Orange, Copper fnt2-55445

    Cakes Wool Light Glitz Cakes Wool Light Glitz

    Brown, Green, White, Turquoise, Yellow, Khaki fnt2-57332
    Brown, Pink, Camel, Salmon, Beige fnt2-57333
    Turquoise, Khaki, Green Shades, Light Blue fnt2-57331

    Cakes Stripes Cakes Stripes

    Black, White, Grey Shades fnt2-57335
    Blue, Grey, Turquoise Shades fnt2-57337
    Cream, Grey, Blue Shades fnt2-57338
    Cream, Grey, Green Shades fnt2-57336
    Grey, Orchid, Blue Shades fnt2-57339
    Purple, Lilac Shades fnt2-57340

    Cakes Sock Cakes Sock

    Green, White, Purple, Red, Yellow fnt2-57330

    Cakes Remix Cakes Remix

    Black, Red, Burgundy, Grey Shades fnt2-55241
    Black, Red, Grey Shades fnt2-55242
    Lilac, Yellow, Green Shades, Light Blue fnt2-55253

    Cakes Ombre Cakes Ombre

    Green Shades fnt2-50558
    Lilac, Maroon, Pink Shades fnt2-50557
    Pink, White, Brown Shades fnt2-50560
    White, Purple, Orange, Salmon fnt2-50562
    White, Turquoise, Brown Shades fnt2-50559

    Cakes Natural Cotton Cakes Natural Cotton

    Black, Blue Shades fnt2-48024
    Brown Shades fnt2-48021
    Green Shades fnt2-48022

    Cakes Fur Cakes Fur

    Black fnt2-55479
    Dark Grey fnt2-55480
    Light Grey fnt2-55482
    Navy fnt2-55493
    Orchid fnt2-55490
    Teal fnt2-55656
    Yellow fnt2-55489

    Cakes Felting Wool Cakes Felting Wool

    Brown, Cream, Gold, Fuchsia fnt2-53205
    Brown, Green, Yellow, Grey fnt2-57343
    Green, Blue, Navy, Cafe Latte fnt2-53209
    Green, White, Gold, Teal fnt2-53208
    Turquoise, Grey, Blue Shades fnt2-53210
    White, Camel, Light Grey, Light Yellow fnt2-53201
    White, Purple, Lilac, Neon Yellow fnt2-53199

    Cakes Baby Lollipop Cakes Baby Lollipop

    Burgundy, Salmon, Blue Shades fnt2-56555
    Green, Blue, Red, Turquoise, Yellow fnt2-56557
    Pink, Red, Orange, Burgundy, Maroon fnt2-56549
    Pink, Salmon, Lilac Shades fnt2-56548

    Cakes Aran Cakes Aran

    Brown, Cream, Khaki fnt2-55434
    Brown, Cream, Yellow, Camel, Khaki fnt2-56558
    Brown, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Camel fnt2-55438
    Brown, Red, Grey, Maroon fnt2-55436
    Green, Blue, Camel, Khaki, Dark Gold fnt2-56604
    Green, Pink, Orange, Copper fnt2-55437
    Green, Turquoise, Khaki, Beige fnt2-55495

    Cakes Wool Light Cakes Wool Light

    Black, Camel, Beige fnt2-55663
    Black, Cream, Beige fnt2-46427
    Black, Green Shades fnt2-55668
    Black, Orange Shades fnt2-55058
    Cream, Grey Shades fnt2-55063
    Green, Camel fnt2-55057
    Green, Lilac, Beige fnt2-55670
    Orange, Beige, Baby Pink fnt2-55666
    Red, Maroon, Grey Shades fnt2-51173
    Red, Orange, Burgundy fnt2-46654

    Cakes Cotton Fine Cakes Cotton Fine




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